i would write an answer to this question, but do not want to register for yet another SE site. can someone migrate this question back to DSP.SE?


here is another one that should not have been migrated:



Thanks for the feedback, Robert! I was probably too trigger-happy on the migrations, but software recommendations are generally considered off-topic and had been voted as such before I migrated them.

I'm open to adding a tag something like reference-request where there's a possibility of someone being able to recommend a software tool (or more than one): perhaps just software-request as a tag?

I can't migrate them back, unfortunately.

  • $\begingroup$ i think in both cases, the OP wanted some code. but it's code for a DSP alg. and in the LPC case, i have actually posted (here) such code. $\endgroup$ – robert bristow-johnson Sep 19 '16 at 23:51
  • $\begingroup$ OK! I'll lay off the migrations going forward. Feel free to add that tag (or something similar) if you feel the questions can be answered within the scope of SP.SE. $\endgroup$ – Peter K. Mod Sep 20 '16 at 0:03
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ i dunno, Peter, i think some questions should be migrated. and sometimes i have answered DSP questions that got migrated over to some other list that i am signed up for. but i just didn't wanna sign up for an SE list that i had never even heard of before today. too many damn lists. $\endgroup$ – robert bristow-johnson Sep 20 '16 at 0:06
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ My two cents: I think questions asking for references to known, good algorithms should be on-topic, even when also asking for pointers to reference implementations. Questions asking for a library, on the other hand, should be off-topic. The difference is the focus on the algorithms vs the focus on black-box solutions. $\endgroup$ – MBaz Sep 24 '16 at 16:49
  • $\begingroup$ @MBaz ok! If you notice such a question, please tag it appropriately with a new tag. <kbd>reference-implementation</kbd>? $\endgroup$ – Peter K. Mod Sep 24 '16 at 16:59
  • $\begingroup$ Sounds good! Will do. $\endgroup$ – MBaz Sep 24 '16 at 18:07

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