Would it make sense to have a feature where User-A can donate points to User-B?

I've seen situations where User-B posts a valid answer in a short comment, and then User-A comes along and posts a full answer based on User-B's comments. (In most cases, User-A is nice enough to thank and cite User-B in their answer.)

If I were User-A, I'd like to go a step further and transfer a fraction of the points earned from that answer to User-B!

(Related post: Transferring reputation points between accounts? but I think the situation I described is a bit different.)

(Or maybe, the first answer here Transfer/Award Reputation between users? is the way to go!)


I completely agree (answer stolen from @PeterK. comment:).

A very good option is to consider that a "perfect answering" comment is a philanthropic action. The commenter could have answered instead for his benefit.

Philanthropy should draw attention to the commenter, and that could incite the OP and the valid answer providers (inspired by the comment) to pay some attention to his/her other answers, and vote them up.


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