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When is the optimal time to ask a question, or put a bounty on a question?

Perhaps a dumb question, but I'm wondering if there is a better time of the week (or even day) to post a question, or put a bounty on a question to make sure it gets the most traffic. I assume ...
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Missing bounty?

I answered this question during its first bounty period but the answer didn't get enough votes or get accepted during the first bounty period. The poster then started a second bounty and then ...
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Deleted question - bounty refund

I just found out that one of the questions I offered bounty for, turned out to be deleted. I am wondering whether it is viable/possible to refund bounty on such questions? Here is a link. The ...
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Featured questions button missing

On the StackOverflow homepage, there's a featured questions tab where questions with bounties are displayed. There's a similar page for DSP, but no tab on the homepage. Is it a bug that the tab isn'...
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