Welcome to Hämeenlinna, Finland. I've met with two on-line friends from music-dsp circles. It was great both times, had pizza with the first one (I bicycled to Sweden where we met) and beer with the second one (Norwegian, he had business in Oulu where I lived at the time). EDIT: Users MimSaad (left) and Olli Niemitalo (right) in Oulu, 5 September 2017.


I also think it could be fun meeting some SE.DSPers IRL if our space-time paths can be made to intersect with little effort. I can usually be found in the Eindhoven area, the Netherlands.


Welcome to West Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Laurent, I'm a dinosaur from the comp.dsp usenet news days (though comp.dsp is still going, I find!). I made several online friends through there, and they've propagated to here, Facebook, and Twitter. A few months ago, I was happy to meet up with two comp.dspers up in Boston (two hours drive from me). One I'd ...


Nanterre, a former central celt city of Gaul, before and close to Paris, France ($\pm$ 30 kms) SE.DSPeers (the double "e" is on purpose) of all countries unite. I have a network of signal/image processing folks here. And know of a few nice bars and restaurants, with diverse types of foods and drinks.


Hello from the United Kingdom (South Wales). Great idea. I was under the impression that the majority of the board was from the US, purely based on the timings of the answers. In fact, one occurrence was a pure "Goodmorning" :) Finland, France & The Netherlands are pretty close too. I wonder if a meetup could be triggered in the greater area of an ...


Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts and the North Shore! Yes love the idea and welcome any fellow "SE.DSPeers" (with the double E as Laurent notated) for a beer, coffee, etc when in the Boston Massachusetts USA area, when space-time paths can easily intersect as MattL described.


My approach is to actively close the question as "Unclear what you're asking" so they can't get any answers unless they fix their question. Unless it's a moderator, the question cannot be re-opened unless there is an edit made to it. Some people see this as being overly assertive. I admit it has made me a little trigger happy on some sorts of questions. ...


I believe that would be considered off-topic. Check out this explanation of what is on-topic here. I suspect that such a question is probably off-topic for most Stack Exchange sites. My only suggestion would be to use chat, which you already know about.


Provided the information could be posed in a Q&A style format, I think this is OK. It's perfectly OK to answer your own questions, so this might be one case where this is a good idea. I know I asked a couple of questions that I intended to answer myself to get things moving on this site... but I received too many good answers --- probably better than ...


The rules appear to allow such questions if you state them the right way. Quoting Signal Processing Stack Exchange help center: Some subjective questions are allowed, but “subjective” does not mean “anything goes”. All subjective questions are expected to be constructive. What does that mean? Constructive subjective questions: inspire answers ...

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