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I'm trying to see whether it's possible. It looks like questions with OPEN bounties can have the bounties refunded, but I can't see that option on that question... which was closed in October 2014 (so it doesn't have an open bounty). This question suggests that you should receive the bounty back automatically, though. I can see the bounty refund on your ...


No, it's not a bug. It just means that there are no questions with open bounties. A week or so ago, it was there. That was because I had an open bounty on a question. The bounty is now closed, so there are no featured questions.


During the second bounty period, if you answer did not result in an automatic bounty: Approximately 24 hours after the end of the bounty period (once the grace period ends), if the bounty starter has not manually awarded the bounty, the bounty may be awarded automatically. If the author offered the bounty, and accepted an answer that was posted during the ...

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