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This was requested on meta.SO for the Audio & Video Production site. As balpha says, audio clips uploaded to SoundCloud and lined to in a post will automatically be converted into an embedded player like this. Of course, a dev has to turn on the feature for this site, and I'm sure they will when they see this post.


I guess it could be added, but I'm not sure it needs to be. All signal/image processing aspects of CV are by default on-topic and welcome here. The machine learning and statistics aspect of it might be better served on Stats.SE, although I wouldn't close such a question right away. By the way, computer-vision is our third largest tag. Re: merging of the ...


Can someone from SE please revisit this request now that we're out of beta. Signal processing is sufficiently math heavy that it's sometimes required in meta discussions as well. For example, see this recent question.


This is a fantastic idea, especially for sites that move into a second week of private beta. If a site generates enough questions and answers in the first week, then all's well and it opens to the public. However, when there is not enough content being generated it makes sense to extend the user base. I was mulling over this trying to come up with ideas ...


Computer vision questions was the reason I joined this site. Often they don't seem appropriately places on SO, and yet the Computer Vision proposal has not made it to beta. Indeed, there is a discussion on the proposal site discussing whether to merge CV with DSP. So I'd say, yes - they are on topic, and no - the FAQ already says "for practitioners of ... ...


There is some thought of possibly allowing this kind of functionality. It is not a definite plan yet, mostly because the majority of private betas only last 7 days - the need for invitations in that short of a period is fairly sparse. It's still under some level of consideration. However, the point is rather moot, as this site is now open as a public beta. ...


I would say a definite YES - computer vision is an example of a field where where DSP/DIP are applied to the highest order. How can it not be on topic? Definitely a YES.


I agree. The feeds were not set up by the DSP mods, but by mods of other sites when we were still in private beta. I've removed the Stack Exchange blog and podcast feeds (we already get a notification in the header for blogs). I've changed the recent questions feeds to "Ticker feeds", meaning New items from these feeds will be shown via a slide-down ...


Done (after a short hiccup that hopefully didn't inconvenience anyone). We usually do this when we turn MathJax on for the main site, somehow it fell through the cracks - sorry about that :) It's enabled now, enjoy.


let's see if it works for an answer: $$\begin{align} X(f) &\triangleq \int\limits_{-\infty}^{+\infty} x(t) \ e^{-j 2 \pi f t} \ dt \\ \\ x(t) &= \int\limits_{-\infty}^{+\infty} X(f) \ e^{+j 2 \pi f t} \ df \\ \end{align} $$ that seems to work too. Thank you Tim.


I've done iir -> infinite impulse response and merged the two. If you suggest for the first here, I'll approve it. Not that I can't set it myself, but you'll get a badge for suggesting (for what it's worth) :)

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