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Merged compressed-sensing onto compressive-sensing because there are many more compressive-sensing than compressed-sensing questions (88 vs 16) and all 16 compressed-sensing are double-tagged with compressive-sensing. Also made compressed-sensing a synonym of compressive-sensing, it shouldn't reappear.


you're probably right in regard to this forum. if it was more of a hardcore audio DSP forum, i might think that audio-processing, audio-analysis, and audio-synthesis are three different functions. but put it all under audio, i think that's good enough and i wouldn't wanna see any tag inflation happening here.


You can always set the text-transform property in a personal stylesheet, for example .post-tag { text-transform: uppercase; } switches all those tags to nice uppercase. Beware: this switches all tags. It should be possible to limit the change to via @-moz-document.

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