Harry Svensson

Electrical Engineer (Bachelor)

If you feel that I've helped you in a way you deem worthy of a payment. Then just paypal me.

Buzz words I have reasonably good knowledge about:

  • DSP
  • Control theory
  • Digital Filters
  • Analog Filters
  • Digital logic
  • Buck converters
  • 3-phase motors and households
  • 3D designer, using Blender
  • Telecommunication
  • Programming ASM / C / C++ on computer and microcontroller
  • Webdesigner prefer front end but know some Nodejs
  • FPGA/CPLD, primarily VHDL, not used to verilog, yet
  • Talking in front of an audience
  • Thinking outside the box


  • Designing primarily ADC/DAC's circuits, and some oscillators and sensors in CircuitJS
  • Gaming, primarily Factorio, and some League of Legends
  • Designing my cube

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