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should we encourage or expect posters to adopt the current common notation, $x[n]$, for discrete-time signals?
7 votes

I don't strongly care about what variable is used to index the signal ($t$ versus $n$ and so on), but I do think it's an important notational distinction to use square brackets when referring to a ...

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Let's get the site's answer rate back to over 90%!
1 votes

Is there any recourse for questions like this one? It's a very poor question that has been likely abandoned by the OP. However, due to the small amount of traffic on the site and limited number of ...

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Information theory -- on-topic?
9 votes

I would consider information theory on-topic. The field intertwines with signal processing quite a bit. My only concern is whether or not there are enough frequent visitors that have sufficient ...

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The ease of down-voting
6 votes

I haven't seen a big rash of negative votes, but maybe I haven't been looking in the right places. I agree that it is annoying to receive a negative vote after spending time to craft a detailed (and ...

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Do hardware benchmarks questions have lasting value?
4 votes

I think that for practitioners who are tasked with actually implementing DSP techniques in a product, attainable performance of hardware targeted toward signal processing are a very relevant topic. ...

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