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How to handle mismatch between a quantum phase noise question and the current answer? "...because this is a DSP group, and 'quantum' is about physics"

Why can't quantum phase noise in radio astronomy amplifiers just be filtered out after down conversion, instead of down-converting first? asks (somewhat naively1 perhaps) about quantum phase noise....
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Signal Processing made viral on social media?

tex.stackexchange is active on Twitter, see for instance: Are ^ and _ the only commands in LaTeX not preceded by a backslash? Since StackExchange communities are quite different in behavior, do you ...
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Why are questions asking for terms off-topic?

The question What is the moment when all oscillators aligned to make a jump called? asks for correct term and is closed as off-topic. According to What topics can I ask about here? - Help Center, I ...
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Signal processing: a science or a technology on StackExchange?

I have always thought about signal processing as a blended discipline. We already had the debate here, several times,for instance in: What is Signal Processing? Signal Processing or Computer Science ...
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Help center desperately needs more detail

The help/on-topic page needs some love. Right now it consists of a total of one sentence of guidance on what is on-topic: "Signal Processing Stack Exchange is for practitioners of the art and ...
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Are questions related to camera calibration on topic here?

I'm having a hard time getting answers for openCV based questions on SO. I understand that programming related questions should be on SO. However, I am also doing camera calibration and have some ...
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Is this SAR-related question on-topic?

I wonder where is the best place to ask this question. It is about SAR systems that is used in remote sensing but involves signal processing. The only reason that makes me dubious about asking this ...
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Populate the on-topic list

I was looking at the on-topic list of the site, and there wasn't much to look at. How about adding some stuff there?
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MATLAB or Signal Processing?

Signal Processing community now has really set a good high standard of answer by now. Most important aspect i believe are We have seen deep understanding of algorithms including all relevant ...
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Where do PID loop + other control systems questions go?

The areas of signal processing and feedback control systems go hand in hand. Are control system questions within the intended scope of this site? If not, I'm surprised... and where should they go?
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Do hardware benchmarks questions have lasting value?

This is in regards to a recent question: DSP Benchmarks for ARM Cortex-M4 processor, where the OP asks where he can find benchmarks for his hardware. Do they add value to the site? My concerns are: ...
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What is Signal Processing?

Where do we draw the limits of what is signal processing? Do we include biological, chemical, electrical, mechanical, or other related signals? Do we include non-linear signals? Do we include things ...
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2 answers

Computer Vision questions are on-topic or off-topic?

I know that there Computer Vision themed site in incubator, but it is still far enough from beta. So, is it appropriate to ask CV related questions here (since SP and CV peoples often intersect and ...
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Where to draw the line between programming, signal processing, and mathematics?

I just asked this question: What approximation techniques exist for the square super-root function?, and there's some discussion in the comments (which I think is warranted) as to whether it's too ...
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Are questions on numerical analysis on-topic?

Can we ask questions on numerical analysis here? Prompted by the question: Approximation techniques for the square super-root function? The comments on the question say: Great question, but ...
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